Nanyang fire rescue division established

The Nanyang fire rescue division held an opening ceremony on Dec 30, 2019.

Migrating birds gather at Baihe Wetland

Baihe Wetland, located in Nanyang city in Central China’s Henan province, is currently seeing hundreds of thousands of migrating birds arriving there to rest, according to local reports.

Nanyang citizens participate in building a civilized city efforts

Nanyang city has been implementing a campaign to build it a civilized city, with citizens in Nanyang taking various activities to respond to the call.

Nanyang clay sculpture works win gold medals at the Sixth Central Plains (Hebi) Cultural Industries Fair

The Sixth Central Plains Cultural Industries Fair opened in Hebi, Henan province on Oct 18 and ran until Oct 21.

Nanyang 2019 ‘Night of High-speed Railway’ Music Carnival kicks off

The Zhengzhou-Wanzhou high-speed railway, which marks the start of the high-speed railway era in Nanyang city, opened on Dec 1, 2019.